From: Kent Clothier

Hey there, my name’s Kent Clothier and a few years ago I was a struggling business owner just like you. I was just trying to figure out a way to finally get my business over the hump and into the big leagues. Now, not only is my business thriving but it’s doing it in one of the worst economies in American history and in one of the worst niches, one of the worst markets – real estate.

Well… I discovered one of the most mind-blowing success secrets of the rich and powerful!! And… I’m going to share it with you. I’m going to pull back the curtains and share with you one of the “greatest little secrets” on how the rich just keep on getting richer and how they stay rich, regardless of what industry they’re in or what economy they’re in.

Now… there are a lot of people out there that believe that being rich and successful just isn’t for them.They aren’t “cut out for it” or just seems a little “too hard”.IF… that sounds like you, then let me warn you…..STOP READING NOW because you are NEVER going to get this!!
For The Rest of You:For hundreds of years some of the most POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL people in our society have all participated in this ONE STRATEGY.So, this isn’t something new! This isn’t a new idea, a new concept or the latest and greatest “fad on how to get rich quick”. This strategy is based in fact and it is in the very fabric of our country. People like Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller all used this EXACY STRATEGY throughout their lives. Even today people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Sir Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg and hundreds of others, openly discuss the importance of this one strategy for developing, building and protecting their businesses and their wealth.

In fact, if you’ve ever read the book ‘Think and Grow Rich’ by Napoleon Hill, he wrote that this ONE STRATEGY was the KEY TO SUCCESS for almost every single person that he interviewed.

So, what’s the big secret?


It’s the art of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals that help you to advance your own success by sharing their resources, experiences, knowledge, and accountability.

A few years ago I was a struggling business owner. I was working my fingers to the bone only to barely make ends meet and ultimately I was working really hard and not getting much of anywhere. I didn’t own a business, I OWNED A JOB.

I thought I knew everything. I wasn’t willing to listen to anybody. I knew it all!! It sounds ridiculous now, but I know there are a lot of you out there right now that can relate to exactly what I’m talking about.

So a friend of mine asked me to join his Master Mind group. He thought it would be helpful for me to be around other business owners that had already gotten over some of those “humps: and gotten through some of those struggles that I was encountering in my business.But then he dropped the big bomb on me.The cost to join this Master Mind Group was…..$15,000/Per Person!!!!I struggled with it, But I FNALLY Sucked It Up and Joined.

It Was That Good! The ideas were flowing like crazy!!! The resources, the contacts, the knowledge, I mean it was just off the charts!! The ideas, the buzz; it was crazy I couldn’t believe it and to this day some of the best relationships and partnerships that I have in my business, came DIRECTLY from that very first meeting.

I was so impressed that I immediately set out on a mission over the next year to join as many meaningful Master Minds that I could.

I hunted for the most successful people that I could find. I found people that were doing extraordinary things and pushed my way in to join them when possible. My philosophy was really straightforward and easy.

This was a 3 day, Private Mastermind training right here in South Florida. I invited a select group of real estate wholesalers, my friends from all over the United States. It was $4,000 PER PERSON to attend the Mastermind and we limited it to about 30 people. Most of them were rock stars in the industry, but a few were new and up and comers. They were either just getting started in real estate or a little frustrated with that invisible ceiling that was over their real estate business right now. Some of them were just “sick and tired” of their current situation and were ready for a breakthrough, just like I know YOU ARE.

They were ready for real, true and lasting financial freedom.

The entire Mastermind was based around advanced real estate wholesaling tactics and business building.

Over 3 days we completely dissected each other’s businesses and discussed new and powerful strategies that they could begin using immediately in their business.

I mean no fluff, no BS, no messing around here, just do this!, do this!, do this!, get paid! and then let’s go do it all over again.

Now, my whole intention was to record the sessions and turn them into a home study course. My thoughts were that I would end up selling it for somewhere between a $1,000 to $2,000, maybe even more because it was simply some of the best material that we’ve ever produced and I knew for a fact that nothing like it existed in the market and quite frankly, it still doesn’t today.

This is the kind of stuff that you can’t find anywhere. However, as fate would have it I got tied up on other projects, put the recordings on a shelf and I never released them to the public. In fact, until now only a few people have even seen them.

Now, just in case you’ve been under a rock for the last few years and you really don’t know why someone would pay $4,000 to spend 3 days in a Mastermind with me. My family and our team ( are some of the biggest and most successful real estate wholesalers in the country today.We have “flipped” over 1200 properties just since 2005. In fact, in 2011 alone we flipped 301 properties. So as I said, people pay to learn from our success.Remember, “Smart successful people want to spend time with other successful people”, masterminding and pushing each other to new heights.

Now, I know that most people out there are looking for a way to get ahead in today’s economy. You’re looking for that “edge” and a way to actually pick yourself up and create REAL WEALTH in a market that YOU KNOW IS RIPE WITH OPPORTUNITY AND ON THE VERGE OF EXPLODING!! But, I also know that most of you can’t afford to drop $100,000, $25,000, $15,000 or even $4,000 for a 3 day Mastermind Session with the most successful real estate investors in the country.

So guess what?

This is your chance to go “behind closed doors” and get your hands on the $4,000 MASTERMIND FOOTAGE. NEVER RELEASED TO THE PUBLIC BEFORE!! Over 16 hours of HARD-CORE footage with the best real estate investors in the country!! It’s “raw and uncut”, so you can learn exactly what the experts are doing right now to make money in today’s real estate market.

This content is just too good not to release it into the world.


First, let me warn you that the recordings are indeed raw.

There’s some colorful language in there, but we didn’t hold anything back. I mean we were brutally honest and worked hard to make sure that everyone in attendance walked out of there with the tools they needed to become a millionaire wholesaler.

Some of the topics that we discussed were things like “How To Build A Business Versus A Job”, Developing a “Killer Instinct”, so buyers, sellers, and private money lenders are BEGGING TO DO BUSINESS WITH YOU.

We got into what I believe are key elements for anyone to be successful…really HARD-CORE Millionaire Mindset Stuff! This is absolutely essential that you do this before you can become a millionaire.

“How To Outsource Everything You Hate To Do And Only Focus On What You Are Passionate About”, Advanced Lead Generation Strategies, Building A Massive Buyers List in days, not weeks or months….How To Get Sellers Throwing Properties At You and Private Money Lenders Throwing Money At You. We also talked about “killer systems” for hiring outside resources, push-button marketing…and so much more!!!

Seriously, over 3 days and 16 hours of footage, we covered everything under the sun that is going to take for anyone to get their butt in gear and to become a millionaire wholesaler.

I’m going to let you listen in on the raw, uncut, unedited, R-rated version of these sessions. Over 16 hours of wholesaling techniques taught by yours truly, along with a few handpicked group of guest experts. Not for the $4,000 that these people originally paid to attend, not for the $1,000 or $2,000 that I was originally planning to charge for the home study version. I’m going to let you claim your very own copy of Behind Closed Doors Mastermind Sessions right now for only….

I decided to practically give them away because I know the power of masterminding and what this could mean for you and your business RIGHT NOW. So here’s basically how this is going to work: you go through the video trainings at your own pace, I recommend 6 weeks or less. Do exactly what I say to do on these videos and you will be building a business in weeks, not months or years.

Whose has ever told you that? Who’s ever said to do exactly what I say and the business is going to happen? I’m telling you right now, if you don’t agree with everyone else that this is the most mind-blowing training you’ve ever been through, I’ll give you your 97 bucks back – no big deal. You’re satisfaction is guaranteed as usual just drop me an email within the first 14 days and we’ll send you your money back, sound good? Good!

Okay, now if you don’t need to hear any more than that which I don’t know why you would, just go ahead and claim your copy right now by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button and you’ll get instant access.

But that’s not all. As usual I’m going to throw in some bonuses here just to sweeten the pot.

I’m going to virtually mentor you for the next 30 days. That’s right, I’m going to give you access for 30 days to my private MEMBERS ONLY “Clothier Success Institute”.

Now the Success Institute includes a bunch of cool stuff, but here’s just a few things: you’re going to get access to bi-weekly ultra-motivating instructional coaching calls with me or a member of my team. You’re going to get access to the vault of past monthly coaching calls, instant access to these calls right away. If you like my Success Academy program for 30 days, which I know you will, it’s only $97 a month to keep going. If you don’t like it for some crazy reason, cancel it and pay absolutely nothing just enjoy the 30 days for free.

Two Tickets To My Upcoming LIVE 3-Day Real Estate Success Summit. These events are always sold out and my students pay $1,997 to attend these for one very important reason: IT’S 3 DAYS LIVE WITH ME AND MY TEAM!!! And we show you EXACTLY what it takes to build a wholesaling machine!!!!

And Lastly…

I’m going to give you ONE LIVE 1-on-1 consultation with one of my wholesaling team members to help KICK-START the whole process RIGHT NOW, right out of the gate.

So to recap, you’re going to get the BEHIND CLOSED DOORS MASTERMIND SESSIONS (16 plus hours of advanced real estate wholesaling training), All of the forms and contracts that you need, 2 BOOT CAMP TICKETS worth $2,000, an EXCLUSIVE 30-MINUTE ONE ON ONE CONSULTATION with my staff, plus I’M MENTORING YOU FOR FREE FOR 30 DAYS. Over $4,200 worth of HARD-CORE STUFF and you get it all for $97 RIGHT NOW.

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